Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fundoshi Collection

What a surprise! Fundoshi is becoming popular in Japan? It has been making a comeback!

Fundoshi is an old style Japanese men's underwear. It is a loincloth! This traditional loincloth went out of fashion decades ago and had not had any fans of it for some decades.

Thanks to the TV show " Trivia no izumi ", the fundoshi has made a comeback with different prints and colors. The lowly Fundoshi has been revived !

An expensive Mitsukkoshi department store started selling Fundoshi referring to them as "Classic Pants" . It has a variety of patterns such as Tartan, Paisley and Geometric ( kikagaku-moyo ) in red, yellow, blue, green, pink and other colors. These are Japanese patterned ones. Mitsukoshi Ginza branch sold 440 Fundoshi in April, 800 in May. The cost ranges from 500yen to 3000yen. This is an expensive one.

The buyers are not only men... women are buying them for their boyfriends. Some people buy them for foreign friends as a souvenir. You want it?

It seems many business men are buying it as " power underwear " to wear when they want good results at work. Seems like a lucky charm~as dragon is a symbol of luck.

Fundoshi was worn by feudal lords during the Sengoku Period ( 1477~1573), Fundoshi spread to the public in the Edo Period ( 1603~1868). During Meiji Era, many carpenters and laborers wore only Fundoshi when they worked. Some foreign dignitaries came to Japan and complained about it and urged the Japanese government to do away with this Fundoshi custom. They said " It is inappropriate to show one's buttocks in public".

Today, some people think that Fundoshi is cool. We have some festivals that men wear Fundoshi across Japan. This is Gion-Yamagasa in Fukuoka. hmm...manly!

Story by Xanga
Photos from wasuiya

Tuesday, April 10, 2007